Communicating Richly: The Power of You is about being able to connect with others to transfer information in such a way that lives are forever impacted in a positive way. It is the understanding that life, in essence, is about relationships. Our ability to build positive healthy ones is directly connected to the trajectory of our success. Communicating Richly: The Power of You is the beginning of a series of books that address areas of communication.     


In this book you will learn:  


* The Power of Your Smile       

* The Power of Your Voice         

* The Power of Your Presence         

* The Power of Placement         

* The Power of a Platform         

* The Power of Your Brand         

* The Power of Your Stamp


Understanding these fundamental tips will help you navigate any situation or environment. Your ability to communicate effectively can be the very thing that will open doors and seize opportunities.

Communicating Richly: The Power of You

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