We create promotional content to expand brand awareness and the digital presence of our clients. We creatively infuse the essence of your core values to attract, engage, and inspire your target market through the services we offer. Our mission is to use innovation to revolutionize brands. Our vision is to place your stamp on the world!


As Brand Strategist we provide our clients with detailed plan to ensure a consistent and effective brand message. Our approach is forward-thinking to anticipate future trends of the industry which leads to the success of our client’s  product or service.


As branding strategist we develop positioning recommendations,  define brand elements and tone. We find ways to further enhance the branding of a product or service, as well as develop a marketing plan through analysis of the current market and trends.




Author | Brand Strategist |Consultant| 

Expert Trainer | Motivational Speaker

Renee Terrell is a certified Christian Life Coach who has a passion for public speaking, marketing and branding. She is the C.E.O. of  Concept Marketing Firm, where she helps business owners through brand analysis and strategy. She is also the host of the Captured by Light podcast, which features motivational messages and interviews about success, overcoming challenges and how to build strong relationships. It can be heard on all major digital streaming platforms. 

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